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Northwest Regional Airport News


The Northwest Regional Airport is now the only airport in our region with commercial air travel.

The airport society does not take this responsability lightly.

Airline frequencies are down to one a day per airline as a result of the non essential travel. Please keep in mind there are some people that continue to have to attend medical procedures and there are still people trying to get home.

The airport is taking extra steps to help prevent the spread of the Coronavirus through our facility by, adding additional cleaning frequencies through the operational hours. Special attention is being put on common touch points like door handles and hand rails.

Social distancing is very important, the airport has reduced the amount of seating in the terminal, identified seperations for lineups

The airport asks that anyone coming to the airport that is not a passenger please stay in your vehicle. Do not come into the terminal, this will help everyone with Social distancing challenges.

YXT - Northwest Regional Airport

103-4401 Bristol Rd.
V8G 0E9
Terrace BC
Phone (250) 635-2659
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