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The Northwest Regional Airport, Terrace-Kitimat (YXT) is committed to helping passengers who face everyday challenges by removing barriers and offering additional services.
Passengers with Disabilities, requiring assistance, are welcome to contact YXT’s Administration Office with any questions about the services or amenities listed below. We also recommend those who require special assistance to inform the airline of their specific needs well in advance of travel.

The Canadian Transportation Agency (CTA) outlines the requirements for accessibility for all transportation service providers, including Airports. YXT is subject to these regulations and the provisions of these regulations.“Accessible transportation for persons with disabilities is a human right that reflects the fundamental principles of equality, inclusion and dignity. A core mandate of the Canadian Transportation Agency (CTA) is to protect this right. Under Part V of the Canada Transportation Act, transportation service providers are required to ensure, up to the point of undue hardship, that barriers to persons with disabilities are removed, so those persons have equal access to the federal transportation network. The CTA’s roles are to make accessibility-related regulations and resolve accessibility-related disputes between travellers with disabilities and transportation service providers. The Accessible Transportation for Persons with Disabilities Regulations (ATPDR) provide a set of clear, consistent, specific and legally binding accessibility requirements for many transportation service providers.” CTA Accessible transportation guides — Introduction

Further information on Accessibility for Person with Disabilities can be found on the CTA’s website www.cta-otc.gc.ca. Click on this page for specific information on travel at https://travel.gc.ca/travelling/health-safety/disabilities.

YXT Airport Administration Contact
Email:            info@yxt.ca
Phone:          250.635.2659 Ext. 221
When contacting YXT to arrange a service please fill out the Accessibility at YXT Information Form. A pdf copy is available below. This information will be requested when you call or is required to be submitted via email with your request.

Terminal Accessibility
YXT public facilities are fully accessible by wheelchairs. The Air Terminal Building is equipped with automatic sliding doors at both entrances..

Accessible Parking
YXT Short-Term Parking lot is located directly in front of the Air Terminal Building. Persons with Disabilities are provided free parking in our Short-Term Parking lot, with a valid SPARC permit.

Curbside Assistance
Curbside drop-off and pick-up locations are available directly outside of the departures and arrivals entrance. If you require assistance from curbside to the Air Terminal Building please contact the YXT Airport Administration to book this service a minimum of two full business days in advance by emailing info@yxt.ca. 

Accessible Washrooms
Designated washrooms are equipped with accessible features such as wheelchair accessible stalls equipped with support bars and emergency call button/alarms, paper towel dispensers and waste receptacles at appropriate heights for wheelchair accessibility.

Terminal Assistance
Onsite security personnel are available to assist passengers if needed. They provide site security services, offer directions, assist with wheelchairs and providing an escort through the Terminal Building. For an escort or curbside wheelchair service please contact the YXT Airport Administration to book this service a minimum of two full business days in advance by emailing info@yxt.ca.

Security Escort Passes
Security Escort passes are available at the airline check-in counters. These temporary passes allow for a family member or aid to escort a passenger in need of special assistance through security to their departure gate.

Audio paging services are available at YXT. To request a page, please visit the YXT Airport Administration office. FID monitors are located within the terminal with information on incoming and outgoing flights. We do not offer visual paging but are able to supply an escort to assist if unable to hear audio pages to relay any information to you visually in writing. To book this service, please contact the YXT Airport Administration service a minimum of two full business days in advance by emailing info@yxt.ca.

Service Dogs
Service dogs are permitted to relieve themselves on the marked grassed area outside of the Terminal Building. There are two designated relieving areas at YXT. The outside area is located to the right of the Departures entrance doors. The relieving area within the Restricted Area, is in the Holdroom Family Washroom. These areas are equipped with waste bags and disposal receptacles.

Accessible Ground Transportation
Accessible Ground Transportation can be provided by our car rental agencies and local taxi companies; however, advanced booking is required.

Car Rentals
The car rental kiosks are conveniently located in YXT Terminal, in the Arrivals area. The rental pick-up and drop-off location is outside of the Departures end of the terminal building. Car rentals with accessibility are available at YXT. Please ensure you give your rental company advance notice to ensure availability.

Car Rental Agencies:

Taxi Service
Accessible taxis are available for pick-ups at YXT.

Kalum Kabs

Kitimat Taxi

Complaint Resolution Services
If you have feedback or a complaint in regard to any of the above services please contact YXT Airport Administration at info@yxt.ca.
For more information or guidance about accessible travel and the CTA’s dispute resolution services, please contact us at info@otc-cta.gc.ca.


Airline Flight City Time Status
Central Mountain Air 9M703 Prince George 15:35 Delayed
Air Canada AC8441 Vancouver 16:15 Late
Westjet WJA3107 Vancouver 18:40 OnTime
Air Canada AC8445 Vancouver 22:18 OnTime
Air Canada AC8437 Vancouver 09:08 OnTime


Airline Flight City Time Status
Central Mountain Air 9M708 Prince George 16:00 Delayed
Air Canada AC8444 Vancouver 16:50 Delayed
Westjet WJA3108 Vancouver 19:20 On Time
Air Canada AC8438 Vancouver 05:25 On Time
Air Canada AC8440 Vancouver 09:50 On Time

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