Serving the Northwest

Serving the Northwest


Our Airport

Aircraft Rescue and Fire Fighting Service

Airport Society


Carman Hendry
Airport General Manager

Dave Kumpolt
Manager of Airport Development

Sonya Gill
Manager of Airport Operations

Jeff Hull
Supervisor of Operations, Maintenance, Safety and Security

Brandie Correia
Administration / Payables / Parking / Marketing

Mikala Gordon
Security and Finance

Natasha Babcock
Administration Assistant

Joe Cordeiro

John Geier

Kevin Seaton
Airfield Operations Specialist - Surfaces

Shawn Holtvluwer
Airfield Operations Specialist - Emergency Support

Gregg Cavagnaro
Airfield Operations Specialist - Building & Systems Support

Dave Johnson
Airfield Operations Specialist

Larry Smaha
Airfield Operations Specialist

Tim Boyce
Airfield Operations Specialist

Troy Kaye
Airfield Operations Specialist

Alex Hruby
Airfield Operations Specialist


Airline Flight City Time Status
Air Canada AC8441 Vancouver 16:10 Arrived
Air Canada AC8445 Vancouver 21:34 OnTime
Westjet WJA3447 Vancouver 23:24 OnTime
Air Canada AC8437 Vancouver 10:04 OnTime
Westjet WJA3105 Vancouver 11:23 OnTime


Airline Flight City Time Status
Air Canada AC8444 Vancouver 16:40 Departed
Air Canada AC2279 Vancouver 17:15 Delayed
Air Canada AC8438 Vancouver 06:00 On Time
Westjet WJA3448 Vancouver 06:05 On Time
Air Canada AC8440 Vancouver 10:45 On Time
Westjet WJA3106 Vancouver 11:55 On Time

YXT - Northwest Regional Airport

103-4401 Bristol Rd.
V8G 0E9
Terrace BC
Phone (250) 635-2659
Fax (250) 638-0059